Best Vessels™ 20′ Container Grease Bin Concept

  • 3 self contained bins are hosed within a 20′ container foot print, but a part of the container frame. The holding capacity of each with a SG of .85 is just over 6300 litres.
  • A specific designed urethane moulded hinge and seal follower assisted by low air pressure (max 25Kpa) aids in the content discharge. This follower acts as a flexible wiper scraping product from the contact walls during decanting to minimise residual and cross contamination.
  • The follower pushers the content to a sump to which leads to an 80 NB pipe which exits with an attached 80 NB ball valve just inside the side perimeter of the container frame.
  • On the top a sealed cover over a gasket is bolted. This provides full entry if required.
  • A 460mm diam ring sits over the top cover (but inside the container frame top lugs) to protect the 2″ pressure/vacuum vent, air regulator and gauge. (Factory set correctly at pressure 35Kpa and Vacuum at -3.5Kpa)
  • The air lines run along a cover over the top lids. These airlines can be attached to an air bag and pump activated through a 12V battery.
  • It is possible to also include a 460mm dia covered inspection manway.
  • The grease containers are in 6mm carbon steel and the 20′ container frame is the standard regulation frame construction.