Best-Vessels™ Square IBC

Stainless Steel Tanks – Liquid, Aviation & Chemical Storage Tank and Stainless Steel IBC Containers

The Best-Vessels™ intermediate bulk container is the most advanced liquid handling tank in the market today.

With a patented one-piece top and superior draining bottom, the Best-Vessels™ IBC containers set the industry standard for performance. The interior and exterior are cleaned to ensure a bright finish. Available as , carbon steel or stainless steel tanks, each Best-Vessels™ tank meets or exceeds all Intermediate Bulk Container requirements, per title 49 CFR of the Hazardous Material Guide (USA), as well as in accordance with the Australian Dangerous Goods code (ADG), and the International Maritime Dangerous Goods code (IMDG) for transport by sea.

Options for IBC Containers
  • 50 Fill Tube.
  • 50 NB Dip Tube
  • ¼” NPT Low point discharge ball valve assembly
  • 2″ Viton Bung Gasket
  • Teflon Coated Clamp Band seal
  • 3″ Gits Pressure /Vacuum fusible vent


Best-Vessels™ Standard Intermediate Bulk Container Features:
  • Top head assembly, nominal 42″ x 48″ draw formed head 10 gauge, nominal 22 ½” diameter top fill opening with welded drum neck.
  • Bottom head assembly, nominal 42″ x 48″ draw formed head 10 gauge, ½” patented sloped bottom provides 99.5% drainage. 2″ outlet pipe with elbow, nipple and 2″ 316 stainless steel ball valve, with shipping plug in bottom for discharge, with patented stamped guard. Four (4) legs providing 5½” clearance.
  • Overall height of tank (from ground to top of lifting lug) See Nominal Dimension Chart
  • Interior and exterior material finish is 304 stainless steel 2B for top head, bottom head and sheet material.
  • Nominal 22½” drum cover with 3″ threaded fusible vent/fill cap installed in centre of cover, EPDM gasket and plated steel bolted clamp ring with 5/8″ plated nut and bolt per UN31A/Y regulation.
  • 2″ top fill bung with 2″ Buna gasket.
  • Four (4) ¼” thick combination leg positioners/lifting lugs on top of tank for stacking on top of the other (up to three high) and for lifting as per UN31A/Y regulation.
  • Complete set of warning/identifying tags and labels.

* Final dimensions may vary from above table